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About Flynn

Flynn is a native of Nashville, TN. At a young age he was enthralled with cartoons and acting. Growing up he acquired 8 years of concert, jazz & marching band experience. In 2007, Flynn became an Independent Professional Wrestler & Sports Entertainer, performing in 14 states and working for WWE, including appearances on SummerSlam, Raw & Smackdown in 2022. In 2014, he got married and started a family, and in 2018, took some time away from wrestling. However, upon returning in 2022, he immediately laid claim to the UCW Southern States Championship, along with starting a pursuit of the UCW Ultimate Championship. He also created the “I Know You Hear Me!” Title, to remind fans he’ll always be a champion. During his time away from wrestling in 2018, he still had the urge to continue performing and pursued voice acting. While following that dream, he got the chance to learn from so many of the voices of his childhood, developed a love for improv, and also got involved with Shakespeare and live performance (both on stage and on camera). In 2022, Flynn was asked to join the American Immersion Theater & he is also versed in 13 dialects including Southern “Tidewater,” Elevated British, Irish and several more. In August of 2021, he started the “I Know You Hear Me!” Podcast, which is available on iTunes, Spotify and many other platforms.

When Flynn isn’t acting, auditioning, or podcasting,  he loves spending time with his family – binge watching shows with his wife, watching his oldest play baseball, playing with his 2 rescue cats. He’s also big into exercise – he converted his garage into a home gym. Flynn is also involved in his church, helping out with security among other things.


Flynn’s bucket list projects include working in the Dragon Ball Franchise, Star Wars, South Park, and Archer.



Neumann TLM 103

Apollo Twin Thunderbolt

Twisted Wave

2×4 Sound-Treated Booth

Zoom, Skype, Discord, Source Connect Capable

I Know You Hear Me!

Podcast by Flynn Hendrix

Flynn Hendrix hosts a podcast where he has conversations with his friends in all walks of life & entertainment about how they’ve overcome obstacles to get to where they are now, how they’ve struggled along the way, recovered & what they do to prioritize their health & sanity. From actors, to teachers, musicians, comedians, wrestlers, the list goes on, nothing is off limits here! Some guests you may know, and others you may not, but you’ll be fans of them by the time it’s done!



For 15 years, Flynn has been a constant, outspoken performer across the southern part of the United States. In that time, he has performed in 13 states, anywhere from 3 – 5 nights a week, including working for WWE in 2014 & multiple times in 2022, including appearing on SummerSlam with Seth Rollins & Matt Riddle, and then on Monday Night Raw with JBL & Baron Corbin. He has has no problem speaking his mind, even if the audience doesn’t want to hear it, and he has no problem backing it up either.

Flynn has locked horns with legends in the wrestling world, with names like Demolition Ax, “Superstar” Bill Dundee, & former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Conway to name a few. He also has an extensive resume of title wins as well; most notably being a 3x Southern Heavyweight Champion, not only unifying but being the final title holder of both the NWA Mid-America X-Division, and NWA TN Jr. Heavyweight Championships, the final USWO Heavyweight Champion, and a 2x Number 1 Contender for the NWA World’s Jr. Heavyweight Championship. Despite all that however, Flynn considers his biggest wrestling accomplishments the ones that not only benefited, but helped raise thousands of dollars for local charities, but also for those in need.

So in case you haven’t picked it up by now, he’s not afraid to talk a big game & back it up.

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